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Multi Sola multivitamin

Multi Sola multivitamin beverage is a mixture of nine fruity reasons for well-being and health throughout the year. Orange, lemon, pineapple, white grapes, passion fruit, apricot, banana, mango and guava provide a fruit content of 12%. It is available in 0.33 l cans for tasting, in 0.5l bottles for thirsty people, and in 1.5l bottles for big fans.

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Sola Peach & American cranberry Ice Tea

Through time, Sola Peach Ice Tea has earned the reputation of being the legendary number one among refreshing drinks. An energizing blend of peach juice, natural rose hip extract and black tea is not carbonated and contains no preservatives. Our red Sola Ice Tea is the source of a new wave of energy coming from a bottle where the flavours of American cranberry, apple and lemon combine.

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5 Herbs Ice Tea

Sola 5 Herbs Ice Tea is made in a way used long ago by our grandmothers for making tea. An brew of peppermint, balm, lemongrass, chamomile blossom and fennel seed contains no preservatives and artificial colourings. It is available in 0.5l bottles for thirsty people and in 1.5 l bottles for big fans.

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Sola Isosport

Sola Isosport is a non-alcoholic isotonic beverage containing all the necessary carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for regeneration after physical activities. The typical citrus-based taste of the drink comes from lemon, grapefruit and tangerine juices. Sport activities only end when the last drop of Sola Isoosport has wetted your mouth. It is available in 0.5l bottles for thirsty people.

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Sola lemonade

Every Sola lemonade is filled with crazy power that take you on an unforgettable galactic journey across the universe of citrus flavours. Lime, orange and lemon juices mixed together make you feel calm and cosy. Citrus fruits are known for their high vitamin C content, and so is our lemonade. It is available in 0.5l bottles for thirsty people and in 1.5l bottles for big fans.

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